"The books of account kept reliably and correctly constitute the evidence of what results from the records they contain (...)"​
Art. 193 Tax Regulations

Keeping the Books of Account

  • Keeping the books of account by means of reliable computer systems equipped with modern modules which provide data protection
  • Developing the accounting policy which takes into consideration both the regulations in force and the individual needs of the entity
  • Developing the chart of accounts;
  • Supervising and consulting in the field of keeping the books of account ( controlling the correct evidencing of the economic operations, correctness of evaluation of assets and liabilities and reliable determination of the financial result, etc.)
  • Making financial statements required by the law
  • Making reports, analyses and specifications which aim at supporting effective administration of the entity as well as acquiring business financing sources ( e.g. bank credit)
  • Keeping the fixed assets register, tables and depreciation plans
  • Consulting in the field of optimization of fixed assets management
  • Keeping correctly the register of the warehouse turnover and its inspecting.
  • Keeping the register of revenues and disbursements by means of modern computer techniques
  • Keeping the register of fixed assets, equipment and other registers which are necessary to evidence correctly economic operations recorded in the registers e.g. charts of revenues
  • Checking the factual accounting evidences being the basis for entry in the register
  • Keeping the VAT register
  • Making monthly tax returns (income tax and VAT tax)
  • Making annual returns
  • Preparing documents referring to business related tax obligations ( applications, appeals, explanations )
  • Business consulting
  • Keeping the register of revenues
  • Keeping the register of fixed assets and intangible fixed assets as well as the register of the equipment
  • Keeping the employees’ documentation and other registers required from the employers paying the lump sum income tax
  • Making social insurance [ZUS] settlement statements, keeping VAT registers
  • Making VAT tax returns
  • Making annual returns regarding the revenues obtained
  • Providing assistance in the correct fulfillment of obligations levied on the entrepreneurs by the law in force

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