"If the Act of Law makes the legal effects conditional on good or bad faith, the existence of good faith is assumed"
Art. 7 Civil Code


  • Making the returns, statements, writing letters and keeping all kinds of registers produced for tax purposes
  • Providing the tax-payers and payers with advice, opinions and explanations in the field of their tax obligations
  • Comprehensive calculation and control of correctness of settlement and evidencing the transactions levied with VAT tax (home and inter-and-outside-Union transactions, mail-order sale, special procedures)
  • Consultancy in the field of interpretation of tax law standards
  • Consultancy when setting up a new company, e.g. in the selection of correct and optimal taxation method when it comes to its profitability
  • Determination of the entrepreneurs’ tax obligations, including those that run no business
  • Determination and control of the correct taxation, basis for tax rates, applied discounts and exempts
  • Analyses of the factual business costs taking into account their grounds and connection with the obtained revenue
  • Consulting when determining the tax strategy of the company, with special attention paid to correct fulfillment of obligations resulting from tax law with simultaneous minimization of tax obligations
  • Providing advice in order to appease the effects of improper actions performed by both the tax-payers and the tax-authorities
  • Analyses of investment profitability taking into account the tax consequences
  • Estimation of the tax risks connected with particular transactions entered into within business (home and inside-Union transactions, export, import etc.)
  • Making all types of contracts entered into within the business
  • Development and consulting in the scope of contracts entered into by persons who run no business (e.g. loan agreements, agreements of donation)
  • Consulting when opening a business and establishing a company taking into account all the procedures of registration
  • Consulting when liquidating a business and dissolving a company
  • Legal consulting in the field of rights and obligations imposed on the employers by labour law regulations
  • Providing advice in the field of civil law to the extent which is necessary to run a business
  • Consulting in the field of proceeding before the state administration agencies, including the proceeding of enforcement
  • Providing advice in the field of foreign currency law, with special attention paid to the rights and obligations imposed on the employers
  • Consultancy in the field of criminal proceeding in the matters of fiscal crimes and fiscal petty offences

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