"The State is running a policy which aims at complete effective employment (...)"
Art. 10 § 3 Labour Code

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Human Resources and Wages

We can offer you full service in field of:

  • Keeping the personnel documentation
  • Preparing comprehensive documentation connected with employing, dismissing and modifying the employment conditions (contracts of employment, notices, notices pertaining to the change of conditions, employment certificates etc.)
  • Consultancy in the field of labor law
  • Consultancy in the field of human resources policy
  • Making and settling the contracts of mandate, contracts for task performance and contracts entered into by artists taking advantage of copyrights
  • Making the payroll lists and wage files
  • Making monthly tax returns referring to settlement of advances paid as income tax and annual returns regarding earnings and collected advances
  • Making social insurance [ZUS] statements referring to the employees, principals, agents, businessmen and persons who cooperate with them as well as company partners having no corporate personality.

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