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"The Tax Advisor should perform professional activities to his best will and knowledge, in an honest and reliable manner, with due diligence (...)"
Principles of Tax Advisor's Ethics

The state as an organization levies a series of diversified obligations on individual citizens as well as institutions acting within it. The necessity to fulfill them is connected with our social status and it is in no way dependant on either our will or anything we can obtain in lieu.

The duty of the Tax Advisor is to take care of appropriate fulfillment of public obligations as well as the clients' high awareness of the rights with which they are vested so that they could use them pursuant to the law in force and the principles of social co-existence.

Our Company deals with tax consultancy, which combines both the elements of economic and legal consultancy with the consultancy in the area of business administration consultancy during the developmental cycle of the company from the date of its establishment through gradual development until the period of its economic growth.

Our aim is to support actively the company development and increase our clients' profits to maximum.

We use our best endeavors to build and ensure positive relations with the clients.

Taking into account the individual needs of our clients and continuously changing market conditions we work on perfecting our offer.


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